Am I Enough?

Am I enough for… myself? For my high standards, the pressure I put on myself, my shabby brand of perfectionism?

Seasons though

I feel like it’s probably a very British thing to be enthusiastic about seasons. But I’ve always found something refreshing and inspiring about entering a new ‘time of year’.

2016 Resolutions

Throughout January so far, I’ve been playing around with a few resolution ideas.

30 Before 30

I was just about to write a bucket list for myself when I suddenly thought “why not share this with the internet?”

What Love Isn’t

I wrote this list mainly for myself and initially decided not to post it because it’s quite personal. However, it’s entirely possible that someone might stumble upon it and find it helpful.

Please Stop Saying "She’s desperate for attention!"

So, is anyone else tired of hearing people moaning about how girls are “desperate for attention”? I mean, it’s no wonder female comedians and entertainers are so underrepresented; so often women who claim the limelight are criticised for being desperate for attention.