Is Productivity Ruining Your Life?

“Have a productive weekend” I called to my friends, age fifteen, as I turned the corner to my house on the way home from school. Now, nine years later, the word “productive” sends a shiver of panic through my body. Those “inspiring” productivity quotes are not for me.

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Marie Kondo Your Writing

In the spirit of all the Marie Kondo hype, let’s explore how we can use the #konmari method on our writing too. Here are a few words that probably don’t spark joy and are cluttering your writing. Continue reading “Marie Kondo Your Writing”

We Need To Expand The Cancer Narrative

When I was first diagnosed with blood cancer earlier this year, I struggled to make sense of what was happening. My mind jumped to the few stories I’d read about cancer. The problem is I hadn’t been exposed to a wide narrative. Continue reading “We Need To Expand The Cancer Narrative”