About me


Hi, I’m Freya. I’m currently studying my Creative Writing MA at the University of Exeter, whilst working as a content writer. I’ve been a freelance writer since 2014 and writing short stories, novels, and poetry since I can remember.

On weekends, you can usually find me reading fantasy novels, going for walks (ideally on the beach) or attempting crafts. As a firm advocate of treating yourself, I also enjoy squishy cookies, Netflix binging and charity shopping.

For About me section


I started blogging in 2010, as a teen in the midst of GCSEs, amateur dramatics and an intense Harry Potter obsession. Then A-levels, university and life got in the way and I took a blogging hiatus, interspersed with well-meaning resolutions to “start blogging again”. Now, I am keen to review some books, start discussions about writing and also share some more personal blogs too.

Creative Writer

I’ve been making up stories since the age of five, which at the time were crayon comic strips about baby stars and pin monsters. I wrote my first novel in 2010 for National Novel Writing Month, which solidified my goal to become a writer. Now I am writing a dystopian novel, editing short stories for competitions and working on lots of poems.

Freelance Writer

In my four years of freelance writing, I have written blogs and web content for a variety of clients in diverse sectors, from tutoring to production. I kick started my career by networking with individuals in my local community and one writing job led to another.

To get in touch, post a comment, tweet me @freyalikeswords or use the contact form.