I feel like it’s probably a very British thing to be enthusiastic about seasons. But I’ve always found something refreshing and inspiring about entering a new ‘time of year’.

Currently it’s ‘Spring’, although this season doesn’t really register in my mind, as it’s so, so slow to arrive. It usually feels like winter drags on and on, and then before you know it, it’s sunny and bright and there’s a chance it might hit 18 degrees Celsius… any… day… soon. And that says summer to me.

Regardless, the recent sunny days we’ve been having (at least in the south of the UK), have prompted a new perspective in me. And perhaps it’s because changing seasons signal time moving forward, prompting a kind of renewed approach to life. Or maybe it’s just because the world simply looks different; in a different light, with different coloured leaves on the trees and with different kinds of clothes worn by passers-by in the street. Seeing a person walking around in shorts and a t-shirt is refreshing after so many months of coats everywhere.



A new season or month can also cause reflection, not to mention that dangerous sense of nostalgia. Looking out of my window at a green, sunny evening makes me think about the highs and lows of last summer, the way it felt and the way it will feel this year, the things that will be the same and the things that will be wildly different. I’m graduating this summer and my uni friends will slowly scatter across the country and the world. But first we will celebrate, because we’ve made it through this year. Uni is amazing but it definitely isn’t easy.

Anyway, I’m gonna wrap this one up now because I should be working on my dissertation. But I’m grateful to always feel refreshed when the seasons change, to get that same sense of excitement you get when you travel somewhere you haven’t been to for a while.

Also, just as a final thought, I’m a huge fan of seasonal playlists/albums. I think it’s awesome how they can transport you to the ‘right’ feeling.

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