Throughout January so far, I’ve been playing around with a few resolution ideas. Even if I make a few initial resolutions on New Year’s Eve, I tend to reflect a lot in January and come up with a load more.

So here are my 2016 new year’s resolutions. I’m hoping that listing them all in one place will hold me accountable, and hopefully if you loves lists and goals as much as me, you will enjoy reading:
*Disclaimer – I tend to make an excessive amount of resolutions*
  • Write one blog post per month minimum. I really, really enjoy blogging and love the autonomy of it. The only reason I’ve stopped doing it consistently is being busy, so I guess it’s about time I MAKE time for this (said the word ‘time’ so many… times).
  • Make YouTube videos again. I’m nervous about this prospect purely because I’m so out of practise. But I’ve become increasingly eager to start making book related videos again. Back in 2011 I used to make a video weekly for a collaboration channel, and I really miss that regular interaction.
  • Apply for loads of internships. Currently, I’m done with semester one assignments, so after a day’s worth of research, I am aiming to apply for two internships per day for the next couple weeks to make the most of my free time (wow, I’m fun).
  • Read 30 books! I am notorious for not finishing books, partly because of time, partly because of my poor attention span. (I am also very hard to please when it comes to endings.) I know some people read 50+ books in a year, but 30 is a more realistic goal for me.
  • Write for every section in Wessex Scene. Aside from wanting to be a flexible writer etc. etc. etc., I just kinda want to for the experience. The sections I am yet to write for are Science and Environment, International, Sport and Pause (the comedy section). Let’s do this.
  • Keep my room tidy. I used to be a horrifically messy person, but recently I’ve been keeping my room a lot tidier, and it genuinely makes me feel so much better/calmer/happier. So I’m aiming to stick to a weekly tidy (which doesn’t even take very long).
  • Exercise once a week, even when busy! I tend to either exercise regularly, or not at all. I’m an all or nothing gym goer, and I need to try to be more consistent, because exercise is pretty much good for all aspects of my life.
  • Travel places (even if they’re not far/even if no one can go with you). I wrote this one down on NYE, and even though it makes me sound like I’m desperately alone, it basically just means I want to take control of my own life and make travelling happen. Going to new places is so refreshing and exhilarating, even if it’s just a neighbouring city, and it will also help with my writing (yay!)
  • Go to more live music events. I live in Southampton, which has a great live music scene and some lovely venues. I need to make the most of this more, as I’m only going to be living here for another six months *cries*.
  • Try the ‘one in one out’ rule for my “wardrobe”. I don’t have an excessive amount of clothes, but I am bad at throwing things out and, as a result, often feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I have that I don’t really wear/want to wear. So I’ve decided it’s time to gradually de-clutter.
I would round this off with a ‘happy new year’, but I feel like it might be too late?

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