I was just about to write a bucket list for myself when I suddenly thought “why not share this with the internet?”

Then I thought a bucket list sounds a bit too official and a bit too scary so I’m instead going to list 30 things I would like to do before I turn 30. This list is not (that) official and definitely not exhaustive but here goes!

1. See the Northern Lights
2. Write a really great novel
3. Go clubbing braless
4. Visit Edinburgh
5. Go to Italy
6. Go to Amsterdam
7. Publish a collection of poems
8. Fall in love with someone frickin amazing
9. Never stop being creative
10. Go to Alaska
11. Have a BBQ on a beach in the evening
12. Get a cat!
13. Make my Bohemian Rhapsody parody and put it on YouTube (Any volunteers?)
14. Read 50 books in one year
15. Go to Paris
16. Go to Ireland
17. Bring a hipflask of cereal in to a club (don’t ask)
18. Go to a film premier
19. Publish a book
20. Make the most of uni!
21. Meet J. K. Rowling
22. Host a themed party
23. Write drunk then edit sober
24. Run a marathon
25. Continue to become more and more comfortable with myself
26. Make pumpkin pasties
27. Make a pecan pie
28. Get guinea pigs
29. Swim in the sea
30. Go to a big music festival

If anyone wants to share their 30 before 30 lists, I’d love to read.

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