I was standing in front of the mirror this morning, after having just got dressed, when I suddenly had a blog idea. What can I say? I’m my biggest inspiration. Just kidding, but really, today I’m gonna be talking about playsuits and how to find one that you love.

I really like playsuits, I think they’re really fun. They’re perfect for hot weather and they have all the convenience of dresses except they won’t blow up in a breeze. Also, you can dress them up or down so there is plenty of opportunity to wear them. However it can be tricky finding one that is right for you. So, without further ado, here are a few things you might want to consider when trying on a playsuit.

One of the things I love the most about playsuits is that they’re super relaxed and comfy. So I, personally wouldn’t settle for a semi comfortable one. When you’re trying on one have a little/big dance in it and see if it passes the test!

Crotch Check
Beware of the playsuit wedgie, especially if you’re quite tall! I’d recommend bending down, lifting your arms and sitting, when trying on a playsuit to make sure it doesn’t ride up anywhere it shouldn’t be.

Undress Test
The other week I tried on a really cute red floral playsuit in River Island, which looked pretty awesome BUT it had buttons all down the front. I’m willing to slip off a playsuit to go to the toilet but I know that I’d not be cool with undoing and doing up buttons every time so I decided not to get it. However, I still love this playsuit, especially the cut outs so, to some, it may be worth it. It just depends how often you pee and how much time you’re willing to spend undressing for it. You could always do a test run in the changing room (without peeing) to see how fast you can undo/pull the top part down.

Below is a picture of the playsuit that I wore today. It was £16 from F&F at Tesco, which I think is pretty good. It’s super lightweight and comfy and, as you can see from the photo, really easy to move in. It doesn’t ride up and can be taken off easily when you need to use the toilet. I can’t find it for sale online anymore but I’m fairly sure it’s still available in Tesco stores.

A Close up of the pattern

I hope my “top tips” have been helpful.

Enjoy suiting up!

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