It’s been amazingly sunny for the past couple weeks, here in the UK and I’ve been feeling super summery. But now it’s raining. Still feeling summery though! So in celebration of British weather and all of the lucky, wet people currently at Glastonbury festival, here are my top summer albums.

Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance

This album is inspiring, motivational, exciting and has just the right balance of anger and joy. I found this a great soundtrack for my creative summer assignments and for my summer projects but also for just general everyday life! As well as being one of my favourite summer albums (despite being released in the winter), it’s also one of my favourite albums of all time. Forever gutted I never got the chance to see MCR live.

Blink 182’s self titled album

There are some serious summer anthems right here. Blink 182 feels both nostalgic and timeless to me. From the moment it opens with ‘Feeling This’, this album is great fun, passionate, varied and very singalong-able. There’s nothing better than singing along loudly with your friends to average/poor Blink 182 covers at gigs. (apart from, y’know being at a Blink 182 concert).

The Truth About Love by P!nk

I have lots of memories of working at my summer job last year with these songs on the radio. Despite being released in September ’12, P!nk’s singles from this album were still consistently being played on the radio throughout the summer of 2013.  This album is impactful, powerful, truthful and emotional. It has all the joy and fun of summer as well as a sense of heat, tension and passion which I also associate with hot weather.

Hope by The Blackout

This album made me fall back in love with the word “hope” a couple years ago. I love the messages of positivity, perseverance and determination on this album. It’s another album that’s great to work on projects to, because of this. It’s simultaneously easy listening, dance-y and motivational. I’m seeing The Blackout live in August, at Merthyr Rock and I’m really excited about it!

Riot! by Paramore

A old classic, which was favourite album when I was in my mid teens. It’s such a fun, nostalgic album, especially for those sunny days both in and out of school, with friends. It’s a real feel good, exciting album with a lot of passion packed in to it. This album would be a great soundtrack to a summer BBQ or party.

Corinne Bailey Rae’s self titled album

This album reminds me so much of summer holidays with my family and, in particular my mum as she really likes Corinne Bailey Rae’s music. A lot of this album is very chilled and fun but also sounds sort of heady, like a still, humid summer’s day.

When the World Comes Down by The All-American Rejects

These songs take me back to my mid teens too. This album has some great upbeat, joyful songs and makes for easy and very fun listening.

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

A lot of these songs on this soundtrack are very loaded, passionate and sad as well as perfectly evoking images of 1920s summer parties. It’s eclectic and vibrant, making the CD feel somewhat like a strange adventure. So, if you’re in the mood for something deeper, more glamorous and less plain feel-good this summer then I highly recommend this soundtrack.

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