Some days I really struggle to leave my flat and often even my bedroom. If you experience this problem frequently and these feelings make it really difficult to function in everyday life then please seek professional help.

But, if you are simply seeking some general tips or encouragement for leaving the house, below are the things I tell myself if I need to go out but just can’t face it. They don’t always work but they often do.


1.  Know that if you are feeling down then some sunshine and gentle exercise will probably lift your mood.

2. Try to break the viscous cycle. I’ve found that when I feel down and don’t go out, I generally feel even worse at the end of the day when I haven’t managed to drag myself outside to complete the errands I need to do. So, if you can, try not to be your own worst enemy.


3. Break the task up in to smaller steps. When you’re not in a good state of mind everything involved with leaving the house can seem like an overwhelming task. So, slowly make yourself presentable to go out without putting loads of pressure on yourself to look really put together. Once you’ve got dressed, gathered your keys and wallet together and brushed your teeth (these are just examples), the process of leaving the house may seem a lot less daunting.

4. Remind yourself that you need to love and look after yourself. So even though you feel crappy, this doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself of food, an interesting lecture or the company of friends. Try to help yourself rather than neglecting your needs in times of sadness or anxiety.

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